Offer added value to your customers with the services of a financial broker

Voucher for personal financing advice


VP Conseil gives you vouchers worth CHF 600.-. Your customers will benefit from a customized financing study (file constitution for loan applications, assistance in the various steps, analyzing the different offers received and implementation of the financing strategy) all without paying a dime.

Your customers are immediately taken care of and know how they can acquire the property coveted.

The agreements with our partners allow us to confirm customers a financing agreement within days.

Following the transaction can be quickly considered.

our real estate finance service

Les Courtiers

Ce qu'ils pensent de Vp Conseils


Offer our services to your customers and strengthen the quality of relationship you have with them.

Saves Time

Thanks to our intervention, your customers come back to you as soon as they get a financing solution.


We take care of administrative procedures (pension fund, removing third pillar, availability of capital, signing of credit agreements) so you can quickly consider signing with the notary.

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